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If my brain were to explode, this is what would be splattered on the walls. :3

NOTE: This commentary isn’t exactly worthy of a blog, but I just want to put my opinion out there.

Ever since Sam & Cat premiered, there’s something that’s kind of been bugging me. Actually, it’s been on my mind for quite a while but the thought didn’t really dawn on me until now. Now, I know we are all well aware of how talented Jennette and Ariana are. So, I’m not trying to point any fingers at you guys. However, I’ve been scoping out various forums throughout the web and I’ve realized something mildly disturbing:

Jennette and Ariana are being judged more for their looks than their talent.

Mind you, this is not at all surprising. Jennette and Ariana are both attractive women, and forgive me but the internet is crawling with horny men. None of this should come as much of a shock. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, it still makes me a tad uncomfortable. In general, people are more concerned about Jennette’s hotness than her impressive acting chops. Thankfully, Ariana’s amazing vocal ability is better-recognized but people are still pretty obsessed with the way she looks. Part of the problem is that both actresses were exploited for their outward beauty at a young age. Dan’s shows, while normally not overtly-sexual in nature, still somewhat use their actors by dressing them in revealing clothing in order to gain more sexual appeal. Both actresses also model and do photoshoots where they wear revealing clothing. Most of this is pretty standard in terms of what Hollywood does with its young talent. But what really bothers me is that neither of these individuals got much attention for their talent alone until they started shedding some clothes in addition. Take Jennette for example: Formally, she was infamous for being under-recognized for her talent. Nowadays, she has become something of an internet phenomenon with her newly-transformed body. Again, don’t get me wrong. No one can really deny that these ladies look good. However, there’s so much more to these incredible specimens that needs to be acknolwedged and I wish I could remind the whole world about that.

Okay, I’m done. Thanks for listening. ^.^


& I almost do…
I Almost Do | Taylor Swift - Requested by Anon


I need Nathan to be on Sam & Cat! It must happen!! (O_o)


Alright, as you can guess by the name I am a Creddie Shipper, but not even I was happy with the overall finale of iCarly.

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